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In today’s world, many legal agreements mandate that the parties engage in mediation before resorting to arbitration or judicial proceedings. Creative ADR Solutions’ mediators and arbitrators are experts for the following industry segments and issues: Telecom/Internet, Energy, Intellectual Property (Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights), Antitrust and Business Transactions.

The twin goals of mediation are to provide the parties with an opportunity for settlement, or if that is not possible, to provide the parties with a managed setting that allows them to obtain a measure of insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their case.

It has been our experience that the mediation and arbitration processes often fail to meet these goals in part because some mediators lack the subject matter experience required to effectively assist the parties in crafting fair, thoughtful and creative solutions.  Creative ADR Solutions was established to meet these goals. All of our mediators and arbitrators have at least two decades of real world experience in the specific areas of law and legal issues to be considered. As a result, our mediators and arbitrators have the background and knowledge required to understand the issues presented and, as appropriate, to assist the parties in reaching a resolution through mediation or to render an informed judgment in arbitration. Moreover and most critically, each of our mediators and arbitrators has been hand picked for their ability to offer thoughtful and creative solutions to the most difficult disputes.

In designing our programs, substantial effort has been made to make them as user friendly, efficient and flexible as possible.  We take advantage of all available technologies to ensure that the process is efficient and that our clients have timely and access to us and as well as unique interaction opportunities with each other (e.g., web conferences, electronic document exchanges).  Unlike any other ADR organization, our clients also have access to our team of non-attorney subject matter experts (technical, financial, damages, etc.) to further facilitate the mediation and arbitration process.


Creative ADR Solutions offers its clients a number of unique and transparent pricing models that effectively meet the needs of the marketplace.


If you have any questions about Creative ADR Solutions or the mediation and arbitration services we provide, or if you simply want to chat about mediation or arbitration issues, please feel free to contact Neil S. Ende , Esq., the firm's managing partner.

Creative ADR Solutions is headquartered in Washington, DC. However, our mediation and arbitration services are available to clients nationwide. At the client’s option, in person sessions and hearing can be held either in Washington or at the location of your choosing. Our flat-rated pricing structures are designed to ensure that value is provided and that you have full visibility to all charges in advance. The option to have a one hour pre-mediation teleconference to assess the circumstances and possible mediation, as well as two hours of “Green Room” time with the mediator post-mediation are designed to maximize the opportunity for a positive outcome.

Our mediators and arbitrators are practicing attorneys with private law firms. Each of our mediators and arbitrators will continue to represent clients through his/her private law practice in addition to his/her work with Creative ADR Solutions.

Creative ADR Solutions has adopted comprehensive conflict review procedures to ensure that our mediators and arbitrators have no connection to any party or interest in any matter at issue in any mediation or arbitration proceeding.  Details on our conflict review procedures are available upon request.

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