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Arbitration Being Used In More High Profile Divorce Cases

Wednesday, April, 11, 2012

Arbitration is being used more often in divorce proceedings to resolve financial disputes. The process is commonly used in civil disputes and some commercial issues, but the influx in divorce proceedings is fairly recent. These cases generally involve the settlements that involve quite a lot of money and is being used now by couples who would prefer the cases were handled more discreetly.

Arbitration Attorneys Becoming More Prominent in Legal Field


Arbitration is a useful way of being able to carry out disputes with property between those who are civil partners or simply cohabitating as well. This is what is usually known as a “schedule one claim” and basically, it's an order that refers to a child or children born of relationships where the parents were never married. The Institute of Family Law Arbitrators now cites 40 lawyers working in this emerging field, and say that there is a sizable waiting list of those training to do so.

Reasons to Choose Legal Arbitration


A senior partner at Stowe Family Law has stated to the financial times that resolving cases this way appeals to a small group of people. “Those who are in big money cases who can circumvent the waiting period in the courts and also are prepared to pay the fees of the arbitrator to have the benefit of privacy.” She has also said that another portion of the population, litigants who would rather have this process done for a specific point or case may also find this an appealing option. Citing convenience as one of the primary factors, she said, “Arbitration is tailored to the couple and we do not have to go through the entire process which we do in court. If you do not need a hearing, the arbitrator can decide something on paper. It’s more informal and quicker.”


This growing use of arbitration does not show any sign of slowing. Many couples find that resolving the issues without the lengthy process of a court proceeding is beneficial, even in cases that do not involve high dollar settlements.