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Dispute between Northampton County and Prison Guards Settled in Arbitration
6/23/2015 7:40:22 AM
Description: At least one of the nine labor unions in Pennsylvania’s Northampton County will have a new contract deal soon and will no longer be working under an expired contract. Arbitration was used to settle the contract dispute and as a result, the

Arbitration to Settle Union Debate over Prescription Costs
6/13/2015 4:10:36 PM
Description: A labor management dispute has arisen between Connecticut state employee unions regarding compounded prescriptions. The dispute will now head to arbitration September 23 of this year.   Compounded medications are a mixture of drugs that are

eHealth Lawsuit Against CGI Information Systems to be Settled in Arbitration
5/23/2015 1:26:40 PM
Description: A lawsuit seeking more than $100 million in damages against Ontario company CGI Information Systems is being settled out of court by an arbitrator. The lawsuit, filed by eHealth Ontario, alleges that CGI was hired to implement a $46 million diabetes

Chinese Insurer Ping An Loses International Arbitration
5/13/2015 2:55:57 PM
Description:   Ping An, a Chinese insurance company that was one of the largest shareholders in defunct financial company Fortis, has failed in its €1 billion arbitration bid against the government of Belgium, where Fortis was based.   Ping An

Philippines Continues to Build Arbitration Case against China
3/27/2015 5:35:03 PM
Description: The Philippines continues to build its case for international arbitration in its dispute with China over China’s claim on and use of the South China Sea. The government in Manila recently submitted more than 3,000 pages of materials to the

Government of British Columbia Creates Online Arbitration Service1778
3/20/2015 2:33:20 PM
Description: Seeking a way to deal with property disputes more efficiently, the British Columbia government has launched an online service for arbitrating disputes concerning condo fees, parking, pets and other property issues. The government is promoting the

International Arbitration Panel Awards Owens-Illinois $455 Million
3/20/2015 2:31:57 PM
Description: The World Bank’s International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes has awarded bottle manufacturer Owens-Illinois $455 million in an award settling the company’s complaint against the government of Venezuela over the seizure of

Teamsters Canada End 1-Day Strike and Agree to Arbitration with Canadian Pacific
2/27/2015 7:41:48 AM
Description: After being on strike for one day, Teamsters Canada has agreed to return its members to work and enter formal arbitration with Canadian Pacific Railway to settle an ongoing contract dispute. The second-largest rail system in Canada is expected to be

India Amending Arbitration Laws to Attract International Business
2/18/2015 2:59:31 PM
Description: India has set a plan in motion to revise its laws governing arbitration in a bid to create a friendlier environment for international investment. The proposed revisions would set time limits for court cases and simplifying court rules and

JKX Oil & Gas Initiates Arbitration against Ukrainian Government
2/18/2015 2:58:35 PM
Description: Invoking the Energy Charter Treaty provisions agreed to between the United Kingdom and Ukraine, JKX Oil & Gas has filed for arbitration between itself and the Ukrainian government in its effort to recover $180 million it paid to that country in