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At the Law Offices of Woodie H. Thomas, III, P.A., the law firm provides comprehensive and personalized legal representation to individuals and small businesses throughout the State of Florida. We strive to ensure that clients understand their rights and duties in any legal dispute. If you need legal services or your rights have been violated, we can help you take action. We assertively advocate for our clients. We take your case to court if that is the best way to protect their rights and interests.

Experienced Legal Representation:

Our firm is associated and affiliated under the guidance of several seasoned attorneys who will bring your case to a successful resolution whether through negotiation, mediation or litigation.   

Mr. Thomas’ experience includes a wide variety of legal issues and litigation experience.  Since 1994 he has practiced law in Florida as the head of his own law firm.

Mr. Thomas’ vast experience in many different areas of the law which allows him to view his clients' case from a multifaceted perspective. He can effectively explain how the possible outcomes of the case may impact your employment, your business, your personal life, and your future.

At the 
Law Offices of Woodie H. Thomas, III, P.A., in our General Civil Trial Practice we will help you effectively resolve your legal issues such as:

  • Bankruptcy Law (Free Confidential Bankruptcy Consultation)
  • Business and Commercial Transactions (All Aspects of Business and Commercial Transactions)
  • Condominium and Townhouse Association Law
  • Construction Law
  • Contract Law
  • Education Law (Employment, Special Education, Suspension and Expulsion)
  • Employment Law including Public Employee Collective Bargaining
  • Environmental Law
  • Family Law (Mediated Divorce, Divorce, Child Custody, Child & Spousal Support, Guardianship, Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements)
  • Foreclosure, Modifications, REO, Short Sales, Deed in Lieu, Deficiency Judgments
  • Personal Injury (Any injury as a result of someone's else's negligence including Automobile Accidents, Wrongful Death, Product Liability, Slip and Fall, Medical Malpractice) 
  • Real Estate Law 
  • Sports and Entertainment Law


At times it is necessary to fight a legal issue to the bitter end and you have your day in court.  However, an expensive, lengthy and the contentious litigation process including a trial and possible appeals will cost you more than just time and money.  The process is mentally and emotionally draining, and the parties will give up a great deal of discretion to the judge.  There no guarantee of success before a judge or jury. There is a better option.

Mediation, also referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), is a process by which the opposing parties in a legal dispute seek to reach an acceptable settlement agreement of their legal issues outside of the courtroom. 

The Law Offices of Woodie H. Thomas, III, P.A.:

Woodie Thomas provides cost-effective Mediation with an experienced lawyer, litigator and mediator.  Years of education, business experience, life experience and more than 20 years of trial work provide a unique perspective to mediate your legal disputes to a successful conclusion.

Mr. Thomas brings to the table a long history of the practice of law, hearings, trials and mediation experience. With your input Woodie Thomas, as your mediator, suggests outcomes that parties may not have previously considered and assists each party to evaluate their case.  As a mediator, Mr. Thomas is a neutral third party who facilitates the settlement process without taking sides or making judgments.

The Mediation Experience:

The goal of mediation is conflict resolution.  The Alternative Dispute Resolution process saves time, money and major emotional stress to end legal disputes with pre-suit, early in-suit or court ordered mediation ending the adversarial relationship.  In the confidential mediation process the parties control the outcome of the legal conflict rather than taking a chance on an uncertain outcome at trail by a judge or jury.  The outcome of any trial is never guaranteed.

There is no substitute for substantive education, legal, business, and life experience when selecting the right mediator for your case.  Whether your case involves a basic legal dispute or a complex civil cause of action, business or commercial litigation, a sensitive family issue or a multi-million lawsuit, this skilled mediator has the capability to negotiate a win/win settlement agreement.  A mediated settlement agreement isn’t a winner take all as with a trial.  Why take the chance?  Mr. Thomas will lead you through the mediation process with mediation statements by both sides, input from the attorneys and the parties into the facts and legal issues.  Mr. Thomas then works as the mediator to refine those issues and focuses the parties attention on the legal, business, financial or family considerations to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. 

The successful mediation requires preparation and hard work for all parties.  The better the mediation statement with suggestions for a successful resolution the better the mediation when the parties are completely focused on conflict resolution.  

Woodie Thomas works effectively with attorneys and their clients to realistically evaluate their positions, explore options, and create solutions mutually acceptable to the parties.  In formulating creative solutions, emphasis is placed on assisting the parties to develop solutions all parties may live with sometimes finding solutions beyond legal and monetary issues. You can expect highly effective facilitated communication during the negotiation and problem-solving process.  

The successful mediation concludes with a written agreement that documents the terms and conditions of the settlement agreement accepted and signed by all parties and their attorneys.

Mediation Scheduling and Billing Policy:

        1.)  1/2 day (2 hour minimum) or full day ( 6 hour minimum).

        2.)  Availale to travel to your office or a location agreeable to all parties.

        3.)  There are no travel charges to use the complete facilities available in Palm Beach Gardens or Boynton Beach.

        4.)  There are no Administrative Charges to use the complete facilities available in Palm Beach Gardens or Boynton Beach.

        5.)  Additional facilities available in Palm Beach County and throughout Florida.

        6.)  Law firms are responsible for timely payment of all mediation fees and costs.

        7.)  No charges if mediation canceled twenty-four (24) hours in advance and rescheduled.

        8.)  Cancellation Fees - 2 hours minimum for 1/2 day or 6 hours for full day and any non-refundable travel costs advanced, if notified
               less than 14 calendar days from the scheduled mediation date.

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