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Mr. Spence, an Attorney-Mediator and Arbitrator, is a  sole practitioner and the founder of  The Mediation Alternative, who is actively engaged in the promotion of mediation and arbitration throughout the State of Indiana as the preferred  means for resolving both domestic and civil disputes.  Mr. Spence, who has mediated over 1600 civil  and domestic disputes, is registered to mediate both types of disputes by the  State of Indiana.

MEDIATION   EXPERIENCE Mr. Spence has been a skilled litigator (having tried over 60 jury trials) in the areas of civil, domestic and criminal litigation for the past 24 years. Since 1993, when he became trained in mediation theory and practice, Mr. Spence has come to believe that mediation provides a much better alternative to litigation. Beginning in 1993 Mr. Spence   gradually started to shift the focus of his practice away from litigation and toward mediation. In the past eleven years Mr. Spence has mediated over 1600 cases. Currently, mediation and   arbitration make up 100% of Mr. Spence’s total practice. In addition to handling   hundreds of civil and domestic mediations, Mr. Spence has also acted as the neutral arbitrator on three-arbitrator panels as well as the sole arbitrator.

Mr. Spence is past-Chair of the ADR section of the Indianapolis Bar Association (2003 through December 2004). He has been a member of the Board of the Indiana Association of Mediators (IAM), the largest State-wide mediation   organization dedicated solely to the promotion of mediation in Indiana, since 1994. He was president of IAM in 1996-997. 

Mr. Spence has been a frequent assistant trainer for civil and domestic mediation training (both basic and   advanced) throughout the State. He has spoken on issues involving mediation both   regionally and throughout Indiana, including speaking at the 8th Annual Conference on Emerging Issues in Mediation in Madison, Wisconsin, on Title IV-D mediation of Family   Issues.
Mr. Spence was one of three  lead trainers in conducting the first “Civil to Domestic Crossover Training”  class offered in Indiana  in 2006.

Mr. Spence played a central role in conjunction with the staff of the Marion County Prosecutor’s office in the start up and implementation of the Marion County Title IV-D mediation pilot   program.Through this program, Mr. Spence, working under contract with the Marion County Prosecutor’s office, works to resolve disputes between battling parents.
Mr. Spence has published articles in   Res Gestae ("Mediation   Around Indiana:  Boom or Bust?", Res Gestae, Vol. 42, No.1, July 1998.) and in The Indiana Lawyer (“Why Your Client Can’t Afford to Forego Mediation.” The Indiana Lawyer, Vo. 9,   No. 15, Oct. 28-Nov. 10, 1998.).

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