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REBA Dispute Resolution (REBA/DR) was established to meet the growing needs of current and future business, real estate and transactional practice. By combining the talents and resources of senior Association members who are highly recognized in their field of expertise, including retired Appeals Court, Housing Court, Superior Court and Land Court judges, with a respected 150-year-old state-wide bar association dedicated to excellence, REBA/DR brings much needed specialized dispute resolution alternatives to the legal and real estate communities, as well as the general public.


Founded in 1995 and incorporated as an M.G.L. c. 156B corporation in early 1996, REBA/DR, emerged from the Association’s strategic planning initiatives in the early 1990’s. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Real Estate Bar Association for Massachusetts, Inc., an M.G.L. c. 180 not-for-profit corporation.


REBA Dispute Resolution is the only alternative dispute resolution provider in Massachusetts with a long-established franchise and a high level of name recognition, concentrating in business and real estate disputes, and bringing a market-driven philosophy to ADR management.


Since 1996, REBA Dispute Resolution has offered several sensible alternatives in the resolution of business and real estate disputes. Our panel boasts retired Superior and Land Court judges, learned attorneys and a certified land surveyor. We promise professional, prompt, cost-effective solutions.

Parties selecting mediation will work with a neutral mediator who will guide them to a mutually-acceptable solution.

If parties wish to submit a case for arbitration and have our professionals decide issues for them, REBA/DR arbitrators will render fair, binding decisions.

If parties prefer to present a summary of their case for neutral review by an experienced lawyer or former judge to determine the likely outcome if adjudicated, they may choose our case evaluation service.

If you would like to submit a case for dispute resolution or require additional information, please contact us.


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295 Devonshire Street, 6th Floor

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