Kim Carmack

Kim Carmack, CCIM
Dallas, Texas 75201


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Real Estate


Kim Carmack is an experienced Aribtrator/Mediator whose area’s of expertise focus on Real Estate Matters and Family Mediations. Kim runs a solution based practice, based on 30 years of business experience grounded on finding the answer that is acceptable to all. Kim is fully qualified and has been trained using the very latest techniques in conflict resolution. Having successfully navigated the business environment, Kim has a unique perspective that is not found with other mediators. Kim’s mediation style simply works!

Kim’s belief and value system are grounded on a foundation that is focused on the problem at hand. Her approach is simple. She uses interest based negotiating skills, which means she focuses on understanding the interest of both parties to help them reach resolution that is logical and a win-win for all involved. Kim has real world experience from owning and managing her own real-estate investment portfolio to successfully navigating the halls and walls of corporate America. This in itself gives Kim the unique perspective needed to fully understand issues that naturally arise out of complex business and personal relationships.
Kim deploy’s the latest in listening techniques and work to fully understand what are the key issues that need to be resolved.

Kim is an expert at finding the common ground on the issues. She has learned through her business experience that solutions are only created when all parties involved build solutions together. People only support what they help to build.

Based on her 30 years of business experience Kim work’s towards finding the common ground, and this has proven to be most effective in even the most complex situations.

As the legal environment evolves and changes, the litigation has become extremely cost prohibitive. Kim will offer the alternative that will not only solve the problem but does so in a cost effective manner, and to your satisfaction.
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