Donald R. Smith PhD

Arbitrator and Mediator
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Areas Of Arbitration

Child Custody
Civil Rights
Sexual Harassment
Sports and Entertainment


Donald R. Smith, PhD., has developed a reputation as an astute problem solver who is able to help parties resolve the most complex disputes. His counseling and crisis expertise aids him in helping both parties to see the issues and develop positive and creative ways of reaching agreement.  

He views empowerment and confidentiality as key components in mediation. Approaching each mediation with the perspective that most want to resolve conflicts at an earlier point and in a less formal environment, he gives all parties an opportunity to be heard.  

Dr. Smith is currently a certified and registered mediator and arbitrator in a variety of arenas, including civil, family, and healthcare. He is NASD registered, Business Insurance Underwriter certified, a published expert, and is a part-time Business Communication University Instructor.  

Harvard Program on Negotiation certified and primarily mediating in the southeastern region of United States, Dr. Smith has also mediated and arbitrated cases in the Bahamas and Norway

Professional Background:

Doppler and Newton, Inc., Spring Hill, Florida - 2004 to present

President, Mediation, Arbitration, Business Consulting Firm.

Certified by the Supreme Court of Florida as a Mediator – appellate, county, circuit/civil, dependency, family, foreclosure. 16 years mediation and arbitration experience.

Qualified Parenting Coordinator.

Certified ADR Mediator/Arbitrator - construction, healthcare, insurance, workplace disputes. Over 600 consumer cases mediated, 64 cases arbitrated

Certified as an Advanced Arbitrator.  71 cases arbitrated employment and workplace wage and benefit disputes.

Registered and listed on the F.I.N.R.A. roaster of Arbitrators and Mediators. Over 20 cases arbitrated financial disputes.

Neighborworks Foreclosure  and  Homeownership Counseling Certified.

Florida Supreme Court Certified Home Foreclosure Mediator/Counselor.

Over 650 cases homeowner foreclosure mediated.

International Ombudsman Association member

Harvard University Program on Negotiation

C.D.R.S. certified construction Mediator / Arbitrator -  19 cases mediated wage and benefit disputes,  23 cases arbitrated contract disputes.

American Arbitration Association Arbitrator/ Mediator –12 cases mediated workplace discrimination disputes. 14 case sexual harassment.

Dispute Resolution Board Foundation Certified Construction ADR

28 cases contractual disputes arbitrated.

WindStorm certified insurance Umpire/ Mediator .

Certified Business Coach, International Coaching Federation.

Center for Guardianship Certification, Certified National  Guardian.

I am a member of the following organizations: 

Florida Agriculture Mediation/Arbitration Service, Workplace Mediation/Arbitration Association, American Arbitration Association, Florida Academy of Professional Mediators/Arbitrators, Florida Medical Quality Assurance Association, Collins Center for Public Action, Construction Dispute Resolution Service, Dispute Resolution Board Foundation.

Brittany Group, USBP Division, Deerfield Beach, FL

Executive VP/Human Resources Director [1997 to 2004],

Holding Company – Labor Relations Director 7 companies

Part time instructor at Nova Southern University

BTC, Inc., New Braunfels, Texas   1993 to 1997

Executive VP/Director of Operations/Human Resources,

Management/Labor Dispute Resolution Director

Cabinet Manufacturer and Medical furniture Manufacture.

Lean Manufacturing Certified [ not current]

Part time instructor at University of Incarnate Word and Webster College, San Antonio, Texas.

Sierra Group, Wallace Leisure Division, Philadelphia, PA

1986 to 1993

National Director ,  Furniture  Manufacturer and Cabinet mfg.

Union/Management Labor Relations Director

Head Start Program volunteer, math and reading

Thomasville Furniture Industries, Thomasville N.C., 1972 to 1986

Home Furnishing,  Kitchen/Bath Cabinet Manufacturer

Regional Manager 1979 to 1986 [ASID certified/not current]

Sales Representative 1972 to 1979


LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA  -  PhD Degree

LaSalle University, Philadelphia, PA  -  M.B.A. Degree

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio  -  B.B.A. Degree

1047 Rudolph Court., Spring Hill, FL 34609

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