Christopher Keay

Dispute Resolution
Seattle, Washington 98181


Areas Of Practice

Legal Malpractice
Personal Injury
Product Liability
Professional Malpractice
Sexual Harassment


Christopher Keay has resolved thousands of cases in 31 years and is one of the most recognized mediators and arbitrators in Pierce County.

Chris began his legal career in 1983, working for the insurance defense firm of Billett, Comfort and Rosenow. His practice quickly expanded into the areas of criminal defense, family law and general civil litigation. Over the years, his interests grew to include plaintiff’s personal injury and commercial litigation. Presently Chris divides his time between his civil litigation practice and his work as a mediator and arbitrator of civil disputes.

Decades of legal practice, working with a wide variety of clients has shaped and sharpened Chris’s judgment, empathy and understanding of conflict and people in conflict. This understanding is essential in achieving creative, workable solutions.


Arbitration is a private method of dispute resolution. Parties submit their case to a neutral arbitrator who then decides the case. Arbitration offers several advantages over court trials.

First, the parties can schedule secure dates for arbitration, without fear of being “bumped” as often happens in the civil justice system.

Second, arbitration is less formal than a court trial, and the proceedings can often move more quickly, resulting in cost savings to the parties.

Third, parties can elect various forms of arbitration, either non-binding, which yields an opinion that is merely advisory, or binding arbitration in which the arbitrator issues a decision that is enforceable and will bind the parties.

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