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Bob Willis is an experienced litigator. For more than sixteen (16) years he has focused on obtaining the best financial outcomes for his clients (i.e., plaintiffs and defendants). Over the course of his career, Bob has collectively obtained or saved millions for plaintiffs and defendants respectively via settlements, trials and arbitrations.

In the multiple trials, arbitrations and appeals that Bob has handled, he has been the “first-chair” attorney. Bob utilizes his hates-to-lose attitude, persuasive skills/confidence, legal training/education and his practical experiences to be a highly efficient and effective attorney. Accordingly, Bob has a very successful litigation and arbitration record.

In the Arizona legal community, Bob is best known as a reasonable, no-nonsense, fair and well-seasoned construction defect attorney. As a licensed residential builder with over twenty five (25) years of hands on construction experience himself and as an attorney who spent the first eight (8) years of his legal career defending developers, contractors and subcontractors and then the last (8) years representing homeowners, homeowners associations and commercial property owners, Bob understands both sides of any construction dispute. This allows Bob to be a highly effective and efficient attorney and he can also be truly “neutral” when called upon to serve as a mediator or arbitrator.

Throughout the years, Bob has litigated construction-related disputes before the lowest (Arizona Justice Courts and Registrar of Contractors) and the highest (Arizona Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit) tribunals. He has been called upon on multiple occasions to serve as a court-appointed arbitrator. He is also a long-time active member of the State Bar of Arizona’s Construction Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution sections. Bob was involved in the outcomes of two (2) reported decisions: Tyman v. Hintz Concrete, Inc., and Alfred Albano, et al. v. Shea Homes Limited Partnership, et al.

Bob also has a medical background that has allowed him to easily and successfully handle numerous serious personal injury and wrongful death cases over the years. Bob obtained his understandings of medicine and injuries during his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan where he worked throughout full-time as a student athletic trainer for Michigan’s football, basketball and baseball programs. Seeing, triaging, treating and rehabbing athletes who sustained compound fractures, ruptured kidneys, torn ligaments, dislocations, severe lacerations and contusions, and so on allows Bob to better serve and understand his clients who have also been injured or suffered a loss of a loved one.

Moreover, Bob also has a substantial amount of experience with assisted-living and care homes. For approximately the past thirty years, he has been supporting and consulting his wife and his in-laws with developing, constructing, manning, running and managing the various assisted-living/care home facilities for seniors and the closed-head injured that they have owned in Arizona and Michigan. In fact, Bob and his wife, Bethany, between 1996 and 2004, owned their own assisted living facility/care home in East Mesa, Arizona. Bob knows whether or not there has been abuse or neglect.

Bob is a leader - for almost the past decade Bob has coached youth sports (baseball, basketball and soccer) and was a volunteer staff member of the 2013 Red Mountain High School Freshmen Baseball team.

Bob is a champion - in every trial or arbitration that Attorney Willis has conducted closing argument for plaintiffs, he has obtained verdicts or damages awards for his clients.  In every trial or matter where Bob has represented defendants, he has either obtained summary judgment or resolved the claims for substantially less than the plaintiff's(s') demands.  In his personal life, as an athlete and/or a coach, Bob has won championships in, among other things, baseball, football, basketball, softball, bowling and golf.

Bob was born and raised in a small mid-western town, Dowagiac, Michigan. However, since the late 1980s, he has called the American Southwest his home.  From January 1989 until May 2004, except while in law school, Bob lived and worked in San Diego, California.  Since May 2004 he has lived in East Mesa with his wife, Bethany, his daughter, Meredith, and his son, Drew.

Bob Willis Law, PLLC, is an Arizona-based firm that concentrates on construction defect litigation, contract disputes, serious personal injury and wrongful death. The firm also handles assisted living/care home abuse and neglect, insurance bad-faith, products liability and property damage claims (negligence, floods, storms, hail, wind, etc.), property management disputes and insurance bad-faith matters. Attorney Bob Willis has more than sixteen (16) years of personal hands-on experience with each of the above stated areas. He will personally handle your matter. His goal is to provide personal, candid, efficient and effective legal consultation and/or representation.

The following factors set Attorney Bob Willis apart from his competition:

  • *Bob will come to you for the initial free consultation.
  • *When it comes to construction-related matters, Bob holds a residential builders license – i.e., he is an “attorney with a tool belt” who recognizes defective construction when he sees it.
  • *Bob is known for candor.  He will assess your potential claims/damages and estimate the value/risks of litigation. He will call it as he sees it.
  • *As a sole-practitioner, Bob is able to keep his fees, costs and expenses down so that on contingency matters especially, his clients should obtain a greater “net” return than they would if they were to retain one of his larger competitors.
  • *Having represented both plaintiffs and defendants throughout the years, Bob understands both sides of every matter – allowing him to be more efficient and effective.
  • *In addition to being an attorney, Bob is a trained mediator and experienced arbitrator.  Bob offers affordable hourly and flat rate plans for his alternative dispute resolution ("ADR") services. 
  • *Bob also has years of practical experience with assisted living/care homes.  Since the late 1980s, he has from time-to-time helped to develop, construct, staff, manage and/or supported several assisted-living/care home facilities for seniors and/or the closed-head injured.  He has served in this capacity, and as a consultant, throughout the years for his in-laws who have owned multiple facilities in both Arizona and Michigan.  Bob and his wife also owned their own 6-bed assisted-living/care home in East Mesa from 1996 to 2004.  
  • *Bob has experience representing clients in private arbitrations (pursuant to contractual, Arizona’s and/or the American Arbitration Association’s (“AAA”) Commercial and Construction Industry Rules) and in matters that have been before the following administrative, civil and appellate courts:
    • Arizona
      • Registrar of Contractors
      • Justice Courts
      • Maricopa, Pinal, Yavapai, Gila, and Mohave County Superior
      • Court of Appeals
      • Supreme Court
    • Federal
      • Railroad Retirement Board
      • District of Arizona
      • Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals

Bob specifically has handled:

  • Construction Defect Cases involving:
    • Single-Family Homes (Tract and Custom)
    • Condominiums (Including High Rise) & Townhomes
    • Common Areas (Decks, Roofs, Walls, Fences, Drainage, Roads, Pools, Etc.)
    • Apartments
    • Office Space
    • Commercial Properties
  • Homeowner Association Transition Negotiations
  • Arizona Registrar of Contractors Claims
  • Serious Personal Injury
  • Wrongful Death
  • Contract Disputes
  • Assisted Living/Care Home Abuse or Neglect
  • Products Liability
  • Insurance Bad Faith
  • Serious Property Damage
  • Appellate Law
  • Railroad Retirement Fund Administrative Claims
  • Civil matters before the Arizona Justice Courts

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