How Pet Dispute Arbitration Works in Resolving Difficult Conflicts Involving Pets and Pet Ownership

How Pet Dispute Arbitration Works in Resolving Difficult Conflicts Involving Pets and Pet Ownership

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Ask any pet owner and they’ll agree—it’s not always smooth sailing caring for four-legged family members.  Perhaps this is the reason why pet dispute arbitration has increased in popularity over the past five years, particularly related to disputes involving the care and maintenance of a pet.  When a pet becomes ill or dies due to the negligence of a caregiver, in many cases, it can be just as traumatic for the owner as the loss of a (human) loved one.  In such, compensation for the costs and mental anguish associated with such loss should be dealt with swiftly and fairly.

Pet dispute arbitration involves a neutral, third-party arbitrator or panel of arbitrators who hear testimony from all sides related to a dispute and make a legally binding decision based on the evidence they have seen and heard.  This decision is made after careful consideration of all facts related to the case, as well as all relevant statutes and laws that are applicable in the state or town in which the incident occurred.  In such, a pet dispute arbitrator is generally more informed and more able to make a fair decision, based on his or her unique knowledge of laws related to pet ownership and caregiver responsibility.

Pet dispute arbitration also ensures that the case is handled quickly and confidentially, as opposed to public and crowded court dockets that can mean several months of time, possibly even years, before a case is resolved.  With quick resolution and private handling of the matter, particularly if a business is involved in the dispute, pet dispute arbitration allows businesses to maintain their reputation and return to business as usual following resolution of the matter.

Pet dispute arbitration is useful for all matters related to pet ownership and care, including injuries or death sustained by a pet or caused by a pet.  In such matters, a pet dispute arbitrator can ascertain the best course of action to both compensate the victim(s) and resolve the matter quickly.