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Virginia Arbitration: Motor Vehicle Accident Resolution

Thursday, May, 26, 2011

Virginia arbitration news this week included a Circuit Court Case that was sent to arbitration for a resolution.  This means of resolving a dispute provides less uncertainty than going to trial because the total fees in arbitration are often much less than it would cost to pay a lawyer to shepherd a case through the entire court process. 


The case involved a driver who went through a green light while another driver was turning left.  The driver proceeding straight ahead had the right of way, but the insurance company defending the driver turning left denied that their customer was responsible for the resulting collision.  In arbitration, it was revealed that the defendant driver was talking on his cell phone at the time of the accident, an action that is illegal in many states and a singularly bad idea even in locales where the conduct is legal.


Virginia Arbitration: A Victory for the "Little Guy"


The victim in the case was an 82-year-old woman who suffered an ankle fracture along with other injuries.  In all, she needed six surgeries to recover from the accident and would most likely need further rehabilitative services even after the case was settled. 


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