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Union’s Continue to Complain about Pro-Tax Payer Reforms by State Governors

Saturday, September, 10, 2016

The United States Court of Appeals recently joined the Ninth Circuit Court in calling certain arbitration agreements too broad for denying workers’ rights. This decision reportedly “struck fear” into the hearts of corporations everywhere.


Many employment agreements require employees to submit workplace claims to an arbitrator and the agreements do not allow employees to utilize the court system when they believe there has been an injustice committed against them by their employer. According to union officials, this is a move that is done to favor the employer, in order to lower the cost of litigation and prevent workers from fighting back. It also keeps business owner fears at bay by preventing collective and class action suits. 


According to union leaders, the recent court decision to interfere with these policies exposes the hidden attack on workers’ rights. The union believes in addition the things it considers an attack on workers’ rights that are obvious – laws removing bargaining rights for public employees that cost tax payers massive amounts of money and forces public workers to pay a small portion of benefits that private sector employees pay the majority for – there is also a secret hidden agenda by business owners to mistreat employees.


Union officials believe that while groups were focused on protesting the obvious attacks, there were also these smaller hidden attacks meant to chip away at arbitration, human resources, and litigious tools that allow employees and unions to fight back. Union leaders are happy with the ruling and believe it will prevent reforms by politicians that are intended to limit worker rights.