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Rural Residents Seek Arbitration against Windstream Communications to Solve their Internet Issues

Friday, July, 10, 2015

Numerous residents of St. Clair County have agreed to participate in a legal matter to improve their Internet speed and connectivity. The effort was the collaboration of three local attorneys against Windstream Communications and the attorneys say their goal is to motivate the company to upgrade its infrastructure. Customers of Windstream have been complaining for some time about problems with their Internet service, and they claim that upgrades that have supposedly occurred have done nothing to improve the situation, despite fee increases.

Windstream is the only Internet option in many rural areas, so if residents want online access, they have no choice but to work with the company. Windstream claims that because the lines used in the area are made of copper, there is little they can do about the limited data issues. The company never bothered upgrading the lines because they believed it would be unnecessary in the long run, but their predictions were off. Their focus was on improving cell tower quantity and quality, never realizing that people would want access to the Internet via their mobile devices and at their homes.


The attorneys who filed the motion against Windstream accuse the company of false advertising. The claim is based loosely on an investigation by the Governor’s Office of Consumer Protection into false advertisement claims that eventually led to a $600,000 settlement.


At the moment the attorneys are amassing clients – something that requires little effort because so many are upset with Windstream – and it is believed the case will then move forward to arbitration.