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Mandatory Arbitration to Become Topic on The Colbert Report

Wednesday, October, 26, 2011

Mandatory arbitration clauses will be a topic for banter on the popular Comedy Central program The Colbert Report when Susan Saladoff appears.  The filmmaker has recently completed a documentary entitled Hot Coffee that focuses on issues of mandatory and binding arbitration clauses in many kinds of contracts.  Saladoff's film focuses heavily on the topics of employment arbitration and sexual harassment arbitration.


Mandatory Arbitration Film to Come out on DVD


Saladoff is reportedly very excited to appear on the comedy show, even though host Stephen Colbert has a reputation for mocking his guests, even when they appear in order to discuss the most serious of topics.  Saladoff, however, announced in an interview conducted via Skype, "I'm so excited and thrilled.  I'm going to have fun with Colbert.  My sense is he will love the movie.  He's very, very funny.  He's hysterical and very savvy.  A lot of people watch him."


The film is almost 90 minutes long and will be released on DVD at the beginning of November.  Saladoff is hoping that the film's release will influence politics in the upcoming presidential primary races and the general election and is promoting the idea of sending copies of the DVD to politicians so they can hear Saladoff's perspective on the issue of mandatory arbitration.