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Longtime President of Logan College of Chiropractic Seeking Arbitration

Sunday, March, 17, 2013


George Goodman, president of Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri since 1993, was dismissed from his position in February without warning—a move that has prompted him to seek arbitration and an award of $569,000 due to alleged wrongful dismissal and breach of contract.  The suit lists the names of the college’s Board of Trustees; therefore, the college, itself, does not have any comments on the matter.     

Goodman was scheduled to retire at the end of March, according to a brief filed with the American Association of Arbitration.  However, several events happened in the last leg of his tenure that seem to have prompted an early dismissal by the Board of Trustees.  Goodman was accused by the college’s Board of Trustees of deleting and copying college-owned computer files—an accusation that he vehemently denies. 

According to Goodman, the files in question only contained personal information and documents that he would need in working from home during the college’s transition to a new president.  He alleges that they were not the college’s property or proprietary information; therefore, his dismissal was unwarranted and driven by different objectives. 

When Logan College announced Goodman’s impending retirement, it credited him with helping the institution to achieve “growing enrollment, expanding programs and establishing an endowment and investment base of more than $25 million.”  However, during his tenure there, Goodman was the subject of much controversy surrounding his salary, which was higher than what chief executives from most top-tier universities made.  He also had hired relatives to work at the college. 

Goodman’s additional complaint was that his dismissal was announced publicly to the entire college community before he was notified, despite his 44 years of service to the institution.  Also, according to Goodman’s attorney, an early dismissal is in violation of the severance package he agreed to in his employment agreement.