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The Law of Arbitration

Tuesday, March, 29, 2011

With the cost for both civil and criminal court cases continuing to rise, many Americans, faced with burdensome financial pressures, are turning to arbitration. While the average court case is quite expensive, arbitration is a cheaper method to conflict resolution and so is increasingly becoming a viable option for millions of Americans.

Generally speaking, the law of arbitration involves three parties: the defendant, the plaintiff, and a third party, known as an arbitration attorney. The settlement can be entered into either voluntarily or mandatorily, depending on the circumstances. The result reached by the arbitration attorney can be binding or non-binding, again depending on the circumstances. The law of arbitration is most common employed in the business sector, having to do with employees, contracts, and commercial business agreements.

Fortunately, arbitration attorneys specialize in several different aspects of the law. Whether your needs center around real estate, family, commercial law, or just about anything else, arbitration can be the answer that is both more convenient and more affordable.

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