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Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration Types

Tuesday, May, 10, 2011

Alternative dispute resolution: arbitration is a well-known process.  Less well known is the fact that it is not a monolithic procedure, but a range of techniques and approaches that work together to help parties in dispute obtain resolution and closure to their disagreement.  What all these techniques have in common is that they are non-judicial in nature, usually taking place outside of the jurisdiction of the government courts.  In this respect, arbitration is a private form of dispute resolution rather than a public or government-sponsored one.


Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution: Arbitration


The four main kinds of alternative dispute resolution that bear some relationship to arbitration are negotiation, mediation, collaborative law processes, and true arbitration.  Some experts in the field consider conciliation as another related form of dispute resolution outside the courts.


In all of these kinds of procedures except negotiation, there is usually a person present who assists the dispute resolution by acting as a facilitator and in some cases, as a form of judge since he or she will make the final decision in the case.  This person is referred to as an arbitration attorney.  Depending on the type of case, there may be more than one arbitration attorney present at sessions.


Arbitration can be used for a variety of disputes including liability, medical malpractice, family arbitration, and consumer complaints.


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