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ADR Arbitration: EU shows support

Friday, June, 3, 2011

The European Commission announced this week that it wants to see ADR resolution move online so that consumers who have disputes with traders can resolve their differences without the need for face-to-face meetings. According to John Dalli, the Health and Consumer Commissioner for the European Union, "All EU consumers should have at their disposal a simple, quick, and inexpensive way to resolve their disputes with traders."


The Commission had noted a lack of ADR schemes when it came to disputes between consumers and traders. ADR is a voluntary mechanism by which parties in dispute can settle their differences without going to court. Instead of a judge hearing the case, an arbitration attorney takes on that role. ADR is both less costly and less time-consuming than a traditional lawsuit-based remedy to a disagreement.


ADR Arbitration: European Commission Details

The Commission outlined initial plans for how ADR arbitration could be funded, saying, "An initial administrative fee on the consumer would be justified where linked to a required technical expertise or to the high value of the dispute in some specific sectors. This could then be refunded to the consumer if the ADR outcome is in his favour."


More details, including possibly legislation regulating fees and other aspects of ADR arbitration, are expected to be proposed this coming November.

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