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Six Philadelphia Law Enforcement Officers Reinstated Following Arbitration

Tuesday, August, 4, 2015


Six Philadelphia police officers who were acquitted of corruption charges by a federal jury were recently able to win reinstatement through arbitration. The resolution was announced recently by Philadelphia Mayor Nutter and details were provided by the Mayor’s press secretary.


The officers were part of the force’s narcotics department and are eligible to receive $90,000 in back pay and have their badges returned as a result of the ruling, but according to the press secretary, will be assigned to districts and not eligible to return to the Narcotics Field Unit.


Originally, an attorney for two officers said his clients would receive promotions based on the arbitrators ruling, but he later retracted this information and stated he was incorrect.


When the police commissioner fired the six officers, he stated it was “one of the worst cases of corruption” he had ever heard and told the reporters he intended to destroy the badges of the officers involved. Following the arbitration ruling the commissioner was unavailable for comment.


Prosecutors stated in their case that the officers repeatedly beat and robbed drug suspects. There were numerous civil rights lawsuits filed and 450 drug convictions were reversed. Following six weeks of testimony from 19 drug suspects and a former officer who later admitted to corruption, the jury found the six men not guilty on all counts. At least one juror stated he did not believe there was enough evidence to convict and that prosecutors were just being nitpicky about paperwork.


The arbitration was held to determine if the officers, free of all charges, would be eligible to return to their jobs.