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Monday, January, 20, 2014

Editorial board for the Federal Transit Administration’s, TCRP Legal Research Digest - “Strategies to Facilitate Acquisition and Use of Right of Way; Transit Labor Protection – A Guide to 13 (c) Federal Transit Act; The Zoning and Real Estate Implications of Transit-Oriented Development; Impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act on Transit Operations”; “Transit Bus Stops – Ownership, Liability, and Access”. See TCRP PublicationsJ-5 Committee.

  • Lawyer HCBA
    - "Drug Free Workplace Statutes, Double Trouble?”

  • Torts and Insurance Law Journal, American Bar Association
    - "Products Liability: Annual Survey of Recent Developments"

  • Defense (DRI Monthly Journal)
    - “Asbestos Property Damage Cases: Has the Statute Run?"