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Political Group Seeks Arbitration Delay

Tuesday, August, 4, 2015


The Wood County Republican Executive Committee recently asked the South Carolina state Republican Party to delay and relocate a scheduled arbitration hearing that will determine whether or not its county chairman will be removed. The hearing was scheduled for July 18 at the state’s GOP headquarters in Charleston and the group thinks it is too soon to carry through.


The group voted in June to remove Rob Cornelius as chairman based on his public conduct at a recent meeting. Prior to the meeting Cornelius appointed 15 people to executive committee positions, which increased the number of members from 18 to 33.


A state GOP chairman said the group would recognize the existing leadership of the county party following an investigation. Those who want Cornelius removed appealed the decision based on the fact it was given prior to the completion of the investigation. Cornelius continues to function as chairman of the party and has since established a time table to fill an upcoming vacancy in District 7 of the Parkersburg City Council.


Cornelius believes his position is strong and does not have any desire to delay the arbitration hearing. In a recent statement to the local newspaper he said, “We can have this hearing anywhere and anytime. The facts won’t change. The hearing should be held with no further delay. Voters and citizens deserve the truth, and quickly. Justice delayed is justice denied.”


According to the bylaws of the state party, arbitration must be held where it is most convenient for the board, witnesses, attorneys, and parties of interest, and according to reps from the state party, they have contacted the counsel and there is no room to schedule the hearing until later.