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Online Arbitration Videos Educate Voters on Issue

Monday, October, 24, 2011

Online arbitration videos are now available to assist Ohio voters in deciding how they should vote on Issue 2.  These videos show supporters and opponents discussing the proposed law, which would eliminate binding arbitration for public employees in the state. 


Currently in Ohio, collective bargaining units that are non-uniformed are allowed to strike.  Public employees who wear uniforms, such as firefighters and police officers, are prohibited from striking.  Instead, they must resort to a binding arbitration process in which the decision of the arbitration panel stands and cannot be appealed.


Issue 2 would change this system, instead directing uniformed employment arbitration issues to the State Employment Relations Board where procedures such as fact-finding, fiscal analysis and public hearings will be a part of the dispute resolution process.  The bill is intended to recognize that elected officials are accountable to taxpayers while those who serve on arbitration panels generally are not.   


Former Cincinnati councilman Jeff Berding explained the proposed change: "Elected officials are trusted by the voters to be their fiduciary agents, to oversee the budget, and when times are tough to come up with good solutions to keep the services going."


Online Arbitration Videos Help to Explain Issue


Voters in need of more information can watch videos provided by the BucyrusTelegraph that show both sides of the issue, including union objections to portions of the proposed issue being laid before voters.