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Online Arbitration Goes by Many Names

Tuesday, June, 28, 2011

Online arbitration is a steadily growing phenomenon due to two major factors: the rising public acceptance of arbitration itself as a dispute resolution mechanism and the increasing use of the Internet in all walks of life.  Keeping a part of one's life online has become common in recent years as computer users have moved away from, for example, downloading all their email to a local computer and instead are using applications "in the cloud”.

It has therefore become less strange to many consumers to conduct arbitration proceedings online as well.  Recent technological developments that allow streaming video chatting in real time have only added to the impetus to leverage the Internet for a wide variety of business purposes, including arbitration.

Other Terms for Online



Arbitration conducted online currently goes by several different names.  Among these are cyber-arbitration, cyberspace-arbitration, and even cybitration.  Other variations on the theme include virtual arbitration and electronic arbitration.  Whatever the term used, however, it remains true that most forms of both binding and non-binding arbitration can be conducted today by means of computers with internet connections and equipped, for example, with video-chatting software and hardware. 


Engineering arbitration is just one example of an appropriate use for the technology, since engineers will often reside far from the buildings or other structures they design, particularly when the disp

ute may arise many years after the initial construction of the project.


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