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National Arbitration Issues: Domain Name Conflicts Sharply Up

Friday, May, 27, 2011

National arbitration news: Research released yesterday by internet domain registration firm VeriSign indicated that more than four million new domain names were added to the World Wide Web in just the first quarter of the year 2011.  This represents an increase of more than two per cent, when compared to the quarter immediately preceding.  Much of the increase can be attributed to a decision on the part of many companies to leverage the power of the internet, and in particular, the power of social networking sites, to increase brand recognition and promote individual product lines.


The increase in domain name registrations has gone hand in hand with a jump in disagreements over the proper ownership and licensing of website names.


National Arbitration Forum Data


According to the National Arbitration Forum, last year saw a 24% increase in the number of disputes involving domain name issues.  Companies with any sort of internet presence at all have a vested interest in making sure that their address on the internet is easily recognized and remembered.  When another website has already claimed the desired name, the parties may decide to go to arbitration so that an arbitration attorney can hear both sides and issue a final decision on domain name ownership.

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