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Mike Stanton May Not Participate in Baseball Arbitration

Monday, August, 8, 2011

Baseball arbitration may be completely avoided by power-hitter Mike Stanton, playing currently for the Florida Marlins.  The franchise is currently considering offering Stanton a long-term contract, possibly a five-year deal.  This would keep him with the franchise during his arbitration years.


Why Teams Avoid Baseball Arbitration


The reason the Florida Marlins would consider locking Stanton in for a period of years is because such a contract would allow them to more accurately predict their costs and budget accordingly.  Stanton's salary over the course of the five years would be spelled out in any such contract, allowing the franchise to do better long-range planning.


Another advantage for the franchise is that a long-term deal would allow the team to gain Stanton's services at a significant discount.  Because the team would be offering salary security for five years, Stanton would likely be willing to accept less.  This is because while arbitration can net players higher annual salaries, it also offers no more than one guaranteed year at a time.  Should Stanton have a serious injury, he might be offered less in future arbitration years -- or he could even be let go completely.


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