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How to Win Custody Arbitration as a Father

Wednesday, November, 28, 2012


When it comes to custody cases, more often than not the mother has the upper hand. It is an uphill battle that needs to be carefully planned and thought out before you try to obtain custody over the mother. Even though courts do not have a bias against dads, typically it is easier for the mother to maintain custody than for the dad to win it. This is not to say that winning custody as a dad is impossible for you. There are a few things you can do to boost your chances of being successful during your custody arbitration.

The first thing a father should do to win custody arbitration is to consistently make your child support payments on time. If during the course of the divorce a judge ordered you to pay a certain amount every month, make sure you make your payments on time. If you are not making your payments and do not seem to be taking care of your child, you are not going to win custody in the arbitration. Maintain a record of things you have paid for the child and be able to find those records if need be.

Next, attend your kid’s events such as parent teacher meetings and sporting events. Don’t give the child’s mother a reason to say you haven’t been trying to be a good parent. Show that you want to be a major part of your child’s life and ensure it is known just how much you desire to maintain a relationship with your child. This will show the arbitrator how serious you are about wanting to be a good parent.

Last, make sure you have a space ready in your home for that child should you be awarded custody through the arbitrator. Make any accommodations you may need to ensure your child’s comfort. An arbitrator is going to want to know that this child is going to be better off living with you than with the mother and having a space for that child to live is a huge step.

Custody battles can be strenuous but when it comes down to arbitration, what the arbitrator says is final. Make sure you have a solid case and have covered your ground before going into the meeting. Have a plan and demonstrate that you can care for the child.