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Filing Demand for Arbitration Forms

Wednesday, March, 23, 2011

Filing demand for arbitration forms does not have to be difficult. Attorneys can even choose to file arbitration forms online if they wish. When filing these sorts of forms, a person will typically file these forms with an alternative dispute resolution provider. Among these providers are organizations such as the American Arbitration Association, ADR Services, and Judicial Arbitration and Meditation Services.

A person will typically have to pay a fee when filing arbitration forms. In addition, a person may need to serve a demand for arbitration on the other side. This is a very important part of the process that must be followed. After filing the initial arbitration forms, then each side will have the chance to pick out an arbitrator out of a list of about ten names. An arbitrator also has to set the initial status conference and will also do a case management review.

Filing arbitration forms, a person should always pay attention to filing deadlines and any other sorts of guidelines given by the court. If one misses a certain filing deadline, then a person may have to suffer certain sanctions from an arbitration court. A person also has to pay attention to formatting requirements for an arbitration form. Courts may require that demand for arbitration forms be a certain length or contain certain information. Overall, any person needs to be aware of any requirements there may be in filing arbitration forms with a court, since these requirements can determine whether a case gets accepted into court.