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Dispute Over Sunset Park in Arbitration

Friday, January, 22, 2016

The old gravel pit located off Jacoby Road in Brighton Township could still be claimed as a 60 acre park, but the attempt to do so is in a holding pattern as a legal dispute rages. The park, which the township will call Sunset Park, is the subject of a legal dispute concerning a company that owns another gravel pit just next to where Sunset would be located. Currently, the issue over the land to be reclaimed and turned into Sunset Park is in arbitration, as confirmed by the Board of Trustees at a recent meeting.


Depending on the outcome of the arbitration, the township has big plans for the park. It would feature a beach area and fishing dock on the lack. There would also be sports fields for rugby, lacrosse, and soccer, tennis courts, cross country skiing access, sledding, a jogging path, a fitness course, and other features. Despite the holdout, plans for the park have not been changed, but when the improvements would take place remains a mystery.


The original goal was for the park to be developed through a public-private partnership that would include the township and Sunset Sand and Gravel. The company originally agreed to build an entranceway which would be shared by the park and the other gravel pit that will remain. There were also plans for the company to build roads and a parking lot, construct a well and septic system, and make a cash contribution of $75,000 toward amenities. The company would then create a subdivision around the park.


These plans never came to fruition and ownership changed hands, leaving the township and others involved in the dispute they are trying to resolve now.