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Dispute over Collective Bargaining Agreement Ruled in Favor of Union

Saturday, February, 13, 2016

A Clark County Nevada District Court Judge granted a Motion to Compel Arbitration in response to a request from the Teamsters Union #14 concerning a dispute with the City of Mesquite. The dispute is regarding a pay clause in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement.


Mesquite city officials expressed disappointment with the ruling and publicly stated they did not feel it was correct. According to the Vice President/Director of Operations for the union, union members are pleased with the decision and confused why the city is acting the way it is. He called it “insulting” to be expected to negotiate something different than the original compromise.


The union and city have been disputing the rank-and-file employee contract for nearly a year. It is the “me too” clause in dispute. The clause enforces that if any other group receives a monetary gain from negotiated collective bargaining agreements through 2016 that gain will be given to all employees subject to the agreement.


The union contended that clause became active when Mesquite granted a step increase to the Teamsters Union $14 Fire & Rescue Department and the Mesquite Police Officers Association union. The city claimed the step increase was not a wage increase, so it had nothing to do with the clause. The original arbitration was scheduled for December, but had to be postponed because the arbitrator was dealing with a medical situation and the city refused to negotiate on a replacement arbitrator. They instructed the union to file a formal grievance instead.


The current contract is due to expire June 30, 2016.