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Court Determines Liberian Football Association President Cannot Run for FIFA President

Friday, January, 15, 2016

The Court of Arbitration for Sport recently determined that Liberian Football Association President Musa Bility is not eligible to be FIFA present following his appeal against his exclusion from the list of candidates. Bility had failed an integrity check and was determined to be ineligible in the running to replace President Sepp Blatter, banned in November.


According to a statement issued when the decision was made, the court refused to comment publicly on its decision. Many speculated though that the decision was related to the six month ban Bility received in 2013 after he was caught using confidential documents in a legal challenge against the Confederation of African Football President and the interim head of FIFA at the time. Bility contested that ruling and was granted an extradited procedure to ensure he would receive a decision by year’s end, giving him enough time to campaign if the decision was in his favor.


Instead, the Court of Arbitration for Sport dismissed his appeal. There are now just five candidates participating in the race.


The decision was made by a panel of arbitrators from the Court of Arbitration for Sport that included representative from the Netherlands, Zimbabwe, and Switzerland. The hearing was held December 23, 2015 and issued its decision to dismiss the appeal just a short time later.


Bility is not the only person hoping for a chance to run for the FIFA presidency. Banned UEFA President Michel Platini also hopes for an opportunity, even though he was suspended from all football activities for eight years by the Ethics Committee last week.