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Chicago Area Principal Withdrawals Arbitration Request

Thursday, September, 3, 2015

Catherine Gannon, former principal of Sutherland Elementary School, has withdrawn her arbitration request against the Local School Council.  Gannon had served as principal of the school for nearly seven years after the council decided not to renew her contract for a third four-year term. The former principal vowed she would fight the decision and filed for arbitration the day after the decision.


Now, according to a joint statement read at a special meeting of the council, the request for arbitration has been withdrawn. Gannon was not present at the meeting and the council members did not comment, aside from reading the official statement, which acknowledged the turmoil the proceedings and potential arbitration has caused in the community.


Gannon had announced her plans to seek arbitration at a meeting in January 2013 and was supported by many during the event. The council moved forward with its plans to find a replacement and in May 2014, voted to extend an offer to the principal at North Lawndale College Preparatory High School.


Sutherland was not the only one to move on. Gannon accepted a position in July 2014 to serves as assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in District 130, where she would earn more than $100,000 per year.


In the statement, filed jointly by Gannon and the council, Gannon is thanked for her service and years of dedication. Both sides admit mistakes were made in the process and hope that teachers, students, families, and members of the community can move past the unpleasantness of the last couple of years.