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Baseball’s Mike Trout Forgoes Arbitration to Remain with Anaheim Angels

Tuesday, May, 27, 2014


Mike Trout surprised many baseball fans this past winter when he rejected arbitration and agreed to a long-term deal with the Anaheim Angels.  Trout had the opportunity to sign a series of one-year deals through arbitration and enter free agency at 26, potentially leading to the largest contract in baseball history.  Instead, Trout accepted the $33 million dollar deal from the Angels, concerned that by the time he was eligible for free agency, things might be different.


Said Trout of his decision to sign the deal with the Angels, “You never know what could happen.  You could get hurt during the season.  I'm happy, man.  With the security it's given me and my family, it's unbelievable."


The deal Trout accepted includes a full no-trade provision and the use of a stadium luxury suite for 20 games each year.  The deal secures the American League Most Value Player runner-up through three arbitration years and three free agent years.  Regarding salary, Trout will earn more than any other player in history in his first, second and third year of arbitration.  The final three years of the contract earn him more than any other current player is making.


Trout believes he did what is best for his career.  Though arbitration proceedings could have gotten him a larger contract or provided him with what some would view as better opportunities, his ultimate goal is to play with a World Series winner.  He believes Anaheim is one of the best places to do that.  Trout claims he loves playing in California and loves the people he works with.