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Arbitration Hearing for Houston Police Detective Postponed

Wednesday, July, 9, 2014

Houston Police Detective Sgt. Ryan Chandler was terminated from the Houston Police Force in April, 2014 over his failure to take appropriate actions in various cases, including those involving homicides, child deaths, accidental deaths and kidnapping.  Houston Police Department Chief Charles McClelland issued the termination after reviewing the cases and also disciplined – but did not terminate – seven other officers involved.


The case was a public relations disaster as it demonstrated that Chandler had basically done no work on his caseload at all, leaving the families of the victims involved infuriated.


Chandler appealed his termination and has contended that there is more to the story and that the main reason for the lack of progress on his cases was the ‘onerous’ workload the department assigned him, which he contends was too much for anyone to handle.  The arbitration over the firing was scheduled for early July, but was postponed by the city so the evidence could be reviewed to ensure it was sufficient to justify the termination.


Chandler, a promising student in his youth, pursued a lackluster higher education and working career after graduation before using his connections with the police department – his father and brother were both officers – to join the police force in 1999.


The HPD’s internal investigation into Chandler’s case history revealed a laundry list of problems: Chandler failed to follow up leads, to file witness interview reports, lost evidence, falsified reports and lied to supervisors.  In one case that particularly upset victims’ families, he failed to even visit a crime scene once.