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Arbitration Forum to Decide Rock and Roll Question

Thursday, June, 16, 2011

An arbitration forum will shortly hear the unusual case of a world-famous rock band trying to claim an internet domain name based on one of their biggest hits.  The British rock band Queen has recently filed a case against the site  Since that is the name of a song still under copyright to songwriters belonging to Queen, the rock band feels they have the right to control all uses of the phrase, in particular the use of it as an internet domain name.


Arbitration Forum on World Intellectual Property


The rock band brought the case to the attention of the World Intellectual Property Forum, which makes such determinations about the proper use and licensing of phrases considered to be trademarked or copyrighted.  The song of the same name represents one of the biggest hits Queen ever had and is still played at sports arenas around the globe as a victory song of sorts to support the home team.


The song name is also the name of a musical stage play still in production in several nations.  The web site's business plan, however, has nothing to do with that song in particular or Queen in general; it is a place where artists can share their work in an effort to spread it to new audiences. 


A decision is expected within two months from the arbitration Forum set to hear the case.


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