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Arbitration for Dismissed Nurse Upcoming

Thursday, March, 10, 2016

The date for Sue McIntyre’s arbitration hearing will be March 17th. This moves the date up at the request of the CEO and President of North Bay Regional Health Centre. McIntyre is a registered practical nurse who sued the hospital after she was dismissed after she spoke out against abuse happening at the facility. The exact time and location of the arbitration is yet to be set, but the event is expected to be open to the public.


Representatives from the hospital admit violence occurs in the hospital. It is considered a high-risk environment, but it is considered the joint responsibility between staff and management to manage the situations as they occur. There are also various initiatives in place for dealing with violence in the workplace. The president and CEO are bothered by the fact people in the community are now stating the hospital does not care about the safety of its employees and that the statements are hurtful to those who are proud to be a part of the North Bay team.


In general, McIntyre appears to have a great deal of public support. Recently, more than 200 friends, co-workers, and union members participated in a rally at the North Bay Health Regional Centre. The rally included supporters marching and chanting “we will not be silenced,” “no more cuts” and “violence is not part of the job,” at the entrance to the hospital. When the protesters were asked to stop by a security guard, they ignored him and approached the hospital’s main entrance. Many others spoke to the media in support of McIntyre, claiming the entire community was angry with the hospital and planned to take action.