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When you just can't come to an agreement, court isn't the only answer. Arbitration is an out-of-court means of dispute resolution. When parties have a disagreement, the 'arbitrator' or 'arbiter' is a neutral third-party that reviews the case to determine what action should be taken, and will determine the terms under which the dispute will be settled. The decision of the arbitrator is final, and may be legally binding or non-binding.

If you have a dispute with your employer or over a commercial contract, it is likely that arbitration is mandatory to resolve any issues. Being an easier means than taking anyone to court, arbitration is often required for resolving disputes within a company and is most often used in settling commercial disputes. Does arbitration sound like your solution? Get started today – find the arbitration attorney or arbitrator you need in any specialty, in any state.


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Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS, a company known for its unorthodox packaging of lip and other skincare products is facing accusations it misrepresented its lip balm’s benefits to consumers. Furthermore, many users of the product believe they have become addicted to the product that does little to resolve the problem.


A woman recently filed a lawsuit against the company when her recurrent use of EOS lip balm led to blisters and skin rash. Her class action suit claims the “Summer Fruit” version of EOS’s lip balm caused substantially dry, coarse lips within a few hours of her first application. She described her lips as feeling like sandpaper, which she treated by putting more EOS balm on. She assumed she just needed more of the product that promised to make her lips smooth.


After several applications, her lips began to crack and by the next day she had developed blisters that caused her to seek medical attention. The condition lasted for approximately 10 days.


The woman was upset because the product claims to be natural and organic, though experts point out that natural and organic doesn’t mean some people will not have a negative reaction to a product or its ingredients. They further point out that natural should not be confused with safe, reminding people that many poisonous materials are found in nature.


There is also concern that organic is a term that is legally applied to food and regulated by government agencies, but when it comes to skin and beauty care products, there is no government oversight.